1)  Never tell a contractor you are in a rush or hurry.  And never suggest what should be done.  Feel them out first.  You should be willing to give them any info and that should be one of the questions your contractor ask. Never volunteer it.  Some contractors, and I emphasize some, are going to instantly raise the price.  

DIXIE's installation prices are based on beating the local chains pricing.  Our hourly rate is determined by the job.  The timeline is the only factored in for scheduling.  If we can get you in we will.  Most of our loyal customers know one thing.  Book ahead.  Just visited some folks that have used us many times.  The project is two months from now.  That allows us to plan out everything with you and get you set when its good for you.

2)  Ask if they offer a warranty and what it covers.  If they picked the materials do they warrant them?  Do they warrant the labor?  What part of the labor?  How long?  

DIXIE's warranty is one year on labor.  Additional warranties are available for larger projects.  Materials are warranted by the manufacturer.  We install it as per their instructions so you are not voided.

3)  If you live in a home built prior to 1978, be aware that you may have lead in you home.  It is in the paints that were used at the time.  Please have an EPA lead safety certified contractor do the work.  They are the only ones who are legally allowed to work on your home.  

DIXIE is lead safety certified and can help you from start to finish.

4)  If you ask for an insurance certificate the contractor should not be the one giving it to you.  Our agent told me that  only an agent should be giving you a certificate.  That is the only person who has the up to date info. A copy is sent to you via fax or email signed by the agent themselves.   Beware of a contractor who gives you a copy of  his certificate.  Even more so if he won't let you keep it. 

5)  Be sure that the person/company you have working on your project is/are doing all the work.   You will be waiting on the timeframe of other folks if not.  Be sure that you get a time for all aspects of your project.

DIXIE schedules you in a time frame that will get the project done as quickly as possible.  For example, on average, a bathroom with new toilet, vanity, fixtures, updating of services and ceramics involved is 6 days or less depending on amount of tile,pattern and design.  If we run into something unforeseen, we are able to flex our schedule to get you done quickly as possible.